Hi there! My name is Ariel Rodriguez Romero

I’m a software engineer based in Philadelphia. I studied Computer Science in the University of Havana.

My full CV can be seen on LinkedIn.

Blog Posts

I like to blog from time to time, mainly to practice my English skills. Most posts are about technology, related to whatever I'm doing at that time. Let me know in the comments if you find yourself reading anything or if you have some feedback. Thanks!

Deploying a serverless NextJS App

We migrated to NextJS recently and started using ZEIT to deploy our frontend. We required some configuration and even found a bug on ZEIT’s platform in the process.

Set up end-to-end tests with jest-pupeteer and NextJS

This contains details and the configuration files required to setup jest-pupeteer for end-to-end testing in a NextJS app.

Get route information from Google Flights

Simple strategy to scrape information from google flights (with manual work). It’s helpful if you don’t need a lot of information.

🐞 Diagnosing a bug when we were running tximport

I’m still familiarizing myself with the backend of refine.bio. Here I dive deep trying to find what was causing an issue that prevented us from processing some experiments with tximport.

Learning DB optimizations

I haven’t done any db optimizations in the past, here I describe the process and the decisions I made with one.

Calculating advanced aggregations with Elastic Search and Django

There are several packages that depend on each other and can be used to set up elastic search in a Django project. Here I mention the relationships between them and how to extend them to calculate complex aggregations.

😎 Automatic scroll restoration in Single Page Applications (SPA)

Published on the CCDL’s blog. How to ensure the scroll is restored when an user is navigating back and forth in an SPA.

Responsive component in React

Responsive React? We discuss here an approach for creating a responsive React component. Includes an example of a search sidebar that becomes a side menu.

Hiding state, simplifying modal dialogs usages

Render props is a very powerful technique in React, here it’s applied to Modal Dialogs to simplify their usage. There’re examples with react-modal.

Problems with my laptop HP Envy 15t-as100

My laptop died suddenly after 19 months, I tried to fix it. This is the story.

Jekyll: Re-designing my personal blog.

Finally! I updated the blog. I talk about the entire process here.

Display images in React application with Rails backend

Lazily load jquery selectors

Override-able options in rails partial view

Installing React Native on Ubuntu 16

Integrating D3 with React

Modify Bootstrap’s default grid system padding

Improve rails remote requests