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Problems with my laptop HP Envy 15t-as100

So I just said good bye to my laptop on instagram:

It stopped working all of the sudden, I left it suspended and connected to the electricity one night, and the next morning it didn’t want to turn on. There’s a light that should indicate when it’s connected to the power supply and even that doesn’t work.

I looked around, and it seems some laptops accumulate too much power and they don’t turn on to protect the pieces. There are several videos online that recommend disconnecting the battery and the power supply and then press the power button for around one minute.

Without a better solution, I wanted to give this a try. But there was a problem, my laptop HP Envy model 15t-as100 has an internal battery. So it wasn’t straightforward to disconnect it.

Before proceeding I checked the warranty of the laptop. It had expired 7 months ago.

I found this video with instructions on how to disarm the laptop. HP used a screw that I had never seen before, similar to a star. Luckily I had a toolset with that point.

Disarming it wasn’t easy, I did it very carefully. It was nice to see everything inside my laptop, I spent a lot of time working with it. Once I got the cover off, it was time to disconnect the battery.

Then I put everything together. I would love to say this is a happy story, and that the laptop worked perfectly afterwards, but I’d be lying. I have to continue searching to see what else might be causing this. It seems to be related with power, I will try to get a multimeter and test the power supply to ensure that it’s working first.

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